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An ideal place for those who are searching for an alternative option, wishing to leave behind the turmoil and noise of big cities. With its vast, wild and sandy beaches the Sobieszwska Island is not only a perfect escape from our daily, busy reality, but also crowned as one of the most beautiful places to enjoy a swim in the Baltic Sea throughout the whole coast. Because of its remoteness, this island is also the perfect place for bird watchers, who will be happy to know that even the rarest species can be spotted here. Moreover, the Mewia Sandbank reserve is famous for being home to colonies of wild seals, that can be often seen there.

Górki Zachodnie

This yacht marina is located within the city of Gdynia, and was established as a centre of polish sea sailing, this makes it the biggest yacht marina in Poland. However, the area of Górki Zachodnie is mostly made up of uninhabited areas, with lots of greenery. Additionally, you can expect great conditions for doing water sports in said area.

Twierdza Wisłoujście

A period fortress located in Gdańsk by the Martwa Wisła river. Historically, it used be located near the entry to the Gdańsk Harbour, as its main tasks included the control the merchant ships coming in and out of the harbour, the defence of them as well as navigating them with a light house. Moreover, up to the XIX century it was a vital military area. It can be admired whilst entering the Gdańsk harbour.


An old military area and the sight of the first invasion on the 1st of September 1939, starting the the second World War. Nowadays, to commemorate the defence, a 25 meter high stone monument can be seen. Because of its location, on a peninsula near the estuary of Martwa Wisła into the Gdańska Bay, the monument can be perfectly seen while entering and exiting Gdańsk by yacht.

Gdańsk Old Town

The central location of the harbour, allows you to moor right in the heart of the historic Gdańsk Old Town and its many landmarks. This old town is crowned as the most vibrant and rich in the whole of Baltic Europe. The fascinating architecture, dating back to the middle ages, includes impressive gothic cathedrals and vibrant townhouses, kept in the original red brick. A simple walk though this part of Gdańsk, is an experience in itself.


This sight is not only the longest pier on the Baltic coast (around 0.5 km = 0,31 miles long), but simultaneously one of the biggest attraction of the Sopot resort. You can find many gift shops, restaurants and cafes around it or enjoy a relaxing walk admiring the sea and the coastline. Historically, the pier was just a local marina, but after the expansion of the health resort nearby it became a leisure area. The marina adjacent to the pier was built in 2011.


Orłowo is a seaside borough of Gdynia, with charming houses placed alongside a quiet beach with a pier and a boardwalk guarded by high cliffs and forests. Coming up to Orłowo by yacht, you can admire the picturesque panorama of the area and the Orłowo Cliff, which is one of the oldest nature reserves in Poland.

Gdynia Port

The third largest (by total area) harbour in Poland, specialising in the handling of packaged cargo. It is made up by 12 pools and many embankments. The most famous square in Gdynia is located here – the Kościuszki Square. It is distinctive because of the characteristic fountain and the Gdynia Aquarium. The South Pier is considered an extension of the square. Known tourist attractions include the moored historic watercrafts such as: ORP Błyskawica or Dar Pomorza.


The central German experimental and research facility, used for testing torpedoes. It was built on the occupied Polish territory, during the Second World War. The assembly hall together with test shoot devices were built several hundred meters form the coast, and used to be connected to land by a long pier.


An old Kashubian village, in which you can find a charming, small fishing harbour with characteristic for the local culture fishing boats and fish markets accompanied by a lovely sand beach. Additionally, Mechlinki are situated near the nature reserve “Mechlińska sandbank”.


Ravishing stray of land, located in the Puck Bay, with a length of around a kilometre. This sandy embankment was created thanks to the sea current, that can be found alongside the coastline of the Gdańska Bay. Because of its unique construction and texture it is a famous spot for kite surfers, tourists, and geologists. The further part of the foreland is made up by the Rybitwa shallow, which narrowly engulfs the sandbank with a length of approximately 10 kilometres. This landform connects the Helska Sandbar in the north with the Rewski foreland in the south.


A fishing centre, with a small fishing boat harbour and a marine located on the Hel Peninsula. The sandbar is the narrowest in this area, which makes the beach located in very close proximity from every spot in the village. However, although the sandbar is narrow here, the beach in Kuźnica is sandy and broad, which makes it a hotspot for windsurfers, kitesurfers and sailors.


A seaside resort renown for its beautiful and clean and beaches as well as historic buildings commemorating the Kasubic tradition of the region. Its important to note that around 30% of the city is made up of different types of forests; pine, birch and oak.
Moreover, the cities attractions include 5 guarded bathing sites and a harbour with three havens.


A small town located on the Hel peninsula. The coast is guarded by opulent shrubbery, that looks similar to the one found in the Mediterranean climate. In the 1930’s Jurata was the summer residence of the Polish upper class. Nowadays, it is home to many different type of restaurants as well as a luxury spa resort.


Located on the very end of the Hel Peninsula, commonly referred to as “the beginning of Poland”. The peninsula was formed by sea currents that connected small islands spread around the bay. This factor together with the unique landscape of the region, has been influential on the popularity of the region within tourists, and also due to the one of a kind views it is highly popular within sailors.
The small city – Hel is located on the very end of the peninsula. Many attractions can be found here, including a seal sanctuary, many sandy beaches (especially the one on the very tip of the peninsula) and various restaurants.


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